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Benchmark Reports

2014 Email Marketing Benchmark Report for Subscription Content
2014 Email Marketing Benchmark Report for Subscription Content

Email is alive and thriving as a marketing tactic for subscription content sites! Is your subscription business using the latest email marketing tactics and achieving best-of-breed results compared to your peers? Click for More Info

Subscription & Membership Site Benchmark Report
Online Subscription Benchmark Report 2013

A completely updated edition of the only research-based guide for subscription, membership, and paid content sites. You'll get 200+ tables and charts of practical research answering your most pressing business questions. Click for More Info

Subscription Retention Handbook

Subscription Retention Handbook

Discover how to raise renewals for online subscriptions, paywall sites and membership sites. Data and how-tos on everything from payment processing, on-boarding, engagement, email campaigns, legal notices, and advanced retention analysis. B2B, consumer, and group accounts all covered. 23 exclusive tables & charts plus 57 illustrations including samples from Angie's List, the New England Journal of Medicine, and Rivals.com. Click for More Info

Dating Benchmark Report

Dating & Matchmaking Site Benchmark Report

Compare your dating, matchmaking or hook-up sites to your peers' and find new ways to beat the competition. Produced in partnership with Courtland Brooks, and featuring exclusive real-life stats from 187 industry execs, this all-new Benchmark Report is packed with mid-2011 data. It weighs in at 97 full-sized pages, with 115 charts, tables and illustrations. Click for More Info

10 Best WordPress Membership Plugins Webinar
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On-Demand: 10 Best WordPress Plugins to Sell Subscriptions & Memberships

Do you want to add a paywall to a WordPress site to profit from subscriptions or membership fees? Discover which of the 10 most popular plugins are best for you. Most are fairly cheap; but if you make the wrong decision, the tech and marketing headaches could be painful. Click for More Info

On-Demand Training: Welcome Tactics to Extend Subscriber Lifetime
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On-Demand: Welcome Tactics to Extend Subscriber Lifetime

Your activities during the first 30 days of their account lifetime can make the difference between a quick cancel and a long-term customer. Subscription Site Insider's practical new training webinar reveals hands-on tactics you can use to turn brand new subscribers into incredibly loyal subscribers for the months and years to come. Click for More Info

Pricing Boot Camp
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Pricing Boot Camp

Insider's popular Pricing Boot Camp on-demand webinar hosted by Anne Holland features lots of examples from real-life sites backing up important online subscription site pricing psychology. This kit includes Insider’s Pricing of Subs: How to Decide a 21-page special report packed with practical advice. Click for More Info

Paid Subscription Marketing via Facebook Ads
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Paid Subscription Marketing via Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are going to be even more important than Google ads for many audience development pros and membership site marketers. But, you can waste a lot of money if you don't know what you're doing. Learn the science to marketing subscriptions on Facebook through this webinar featuring Stuart Jordan of CircWiz.com. Click for More Info

Paywall Kit
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Paywall Optimization Kit

With a few basic changes, your site's paywalls can convert up to 25% more visitors into buyers. Based on research data, Insider's Paywall Optimization Kit includes real-life samples from B2B and consumer sites. Highly practical and strongly recommended. Click for More Info

Best Subscription Marketing A/B Tests
of 2010
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Best Subscription Marketing A/B Tests of 2010

See creative samples and results data for seven A/B split tests of online marketing campaigns and paywalls to sell subscriptions. Includes real-life tests of online marketing for magazines, online video subscriptions, and membership sites. Click for More Info

Renewals Kit
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Retention Improvement Kit

Discover how to reduce your churn and lengthen typical membership or subscription account lifetimes. Note: account retention is critical for your profitability. If you suspect you have a problem with churn, get Insider's Renewals Kit today. Suitable for both B2B and consumer site publishers. Click for More Info

Financial Model Kit
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Financial Model for Subscription & Membership Sites

Use Insider's Financial Model Kit to run the numbers before you launch a new subscription service, set marketing plans or do any M&A activities! Budgets up to 24 months; automatically calculates merchant account costs; shows both cash and accrual accounting; and works for annual, quarterly and/or monthly memberships. Click for More Info

Buyer's Guide Kit
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Buyer's Guide to Subscription Site Software

New research helps you pick which software is best to power your membership or subscription site. Insider's Subscription Site Software Buyer's Guide Kit includes customizable RFP-builder checklist and a chart of the top 16 contenders in the field. Completely non-biased. Click for More Info

Subscription & Membership Site Benchmark Report
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Subscription & Membership Site Benchmark Report

The first 100% research-based guide for subscription, membership, and paid content sites. You'll get 185 tables and charts of *practical* research answering your most pressing business questions. Click for More Info

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